Brian Gansmann was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008. Celiac Diseases is a condition in which foods containing gluten damage the lining of your small intestine. This disease caused Brian to change his daily eating happens and also inspired him to write his best selling book: DEFEAT WHEAT: YOUR GUIDE TO ELIMINATING GLUTEN AND LOSING WEIGHT. Since it’s release, Brian has been on a crusade against gluten saturated foods and with helping people feel better about themselves and their bodies. Thanks to the simple gluten free dieting plan and lifestyle changes he talks about in his book, people all over the world have seen positive changes, both physically and mentally. For more information on Celiac Disease and what you can do to help, click here.

Welcome to the official home page for Brian Gansmann, who is better known to the world as the Gluten Gladiator! If you have Celiacdisease and are gluten intolerant, or maybe you just want to live a better lifestyle and eat right, Brian’s DEFEAT WHEAT program is just for you! As the Gluten Gladiator, Brian has achieved physical excellence through eating right and living smart. His life has undergone a radical change for the better, and all by creating a lifestyle that is based around healthy choices. You too can learn how to live that way too by following his practical, no-nonsense advice. Oh, and in case you were wondering what the heck Celiac disease is all about, please check out: www.celiac.com for more information.


Be Prepared!

In case you didn’t know this, please accept my apologies for having to be the blunt one. You are responsible for you. This is something that I learned very early in Catholic Grade School and it was reinforced when I joined the Boy Scouts. In fact, the first day of Scouts included a banner in the cafeteria that said “BE PREPARED”. And, this meant that I was the one responsible for having a solution prior to stepping foot out into the world – before the problem even was encountered.

In many ways, the “Be Prepared” statement should also be the motto for those of us with Celiac Disease or any type of gluten intolerance. There isn’t a law that an airline must provide gluten free snacks on all of its flights. Nor, is there a mandate that each and every restaurant be required to have a menu for any and all food allergies. And even though Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood can read thoughts in other characters’ minds, it doesn’t mean that your neighbor is aware of your issues with wheat when they invite you over for a dinner party.

So what’s a Gluten Gladiator to do? Well, we regress to our days of a Boy Scout and practice the motto of “Be Prepared” prior to leaving you house. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take a great deal of time to make sure that you have an ample amount of “gluten free stash” for each and every roadblock that you’ll surely encounter in the outside world. In fact, I have a whole chapter in my book of kitchen preparation essentials that you can buy at any of the dollar stores. The list of $1 items goes from A to Z (Almonds to Ziplock Baggies!). So when the transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to New York doesn’t have a gluten free meal, you don’t have a problem. You actually have a solution. And most likely, your food will make your row mate quite jealous when they see the wholesome gluten free goodness that you have going on.

The “Be Prepared” motto makes me reminisce about my early childhood days when my Mom worked at TWA for over 22 years. The good news was that we could fly anywhere in the world for a song. The bad news was that we had to fly “space available” and weren’t always guaranteed a seat if there was a paid passenger in front of us. So what did the Gluten Gladiator’s mom do? She actually packed a bag each and every time as if we were NOT going to get on the flight. We left for the airport banking on the fact that problems were going to be encountered. When we had to sit for half a day in an airport terminal (waiting for the next available flight) we had plenty of wholesome foods to snack on while we were waiting. It never crossed our minds that anyone else was at fault for not having affordable, good-for-you foods. We simply took the extra time to be prepared for any roadblock that was placed in our way.

The next time that you get onto a flight, arrive at a restaurant, or unexpectedly get invited to a pasta night (all of which have zero gluten free options), you won’t have a problem. You’ll actually have a solution. You are responsible for you, so BE PREPARED!

~ The Gluten Gladiator™

    Brian Gansmann